Wednesday, May 23, 2007

PlayStation: PS3 News

Version 1.8 of the PS3 firmware will go live tomorrow and, among other things, will give the PS3 the ability to upscale PS1 and PS2 games and DVD movies to full 1080p high-definition.

We personally thought that DVDs already looked pretty good playing through the high-def console, but with this upscaling it should look even better. It'll be interesting to see what PS1 games look like in this ridiculously high resolution too.

As well as that, the new firmware will enhance the Remote Play features of the console, now allowing you to control the PS3 with the PSP via the internet - so you could potentially access your PS3 from anywhere in the world (although the PS3 will need to be on already, and you'll need PSP firmware version 3.50, which launches at the end of May)